Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor Parish Council

Traffic Calming and Speed Reduction

Many residents are concerns about the dangers posed by speeding and reckless drivers through the village.  The parish council has been working with others agencies such as the Oxfordshire County Council and the police on plans to install measures that will help.  These are:

  • Stretches of 20’s Plenty – see maps here.
  • A zebra crossing on the A415 to the Hind’s Head Co-op – this has finally been signed off by OCC Highways and the parish council is waiting for confirmation of dates of installation.
  • “Wig-wag” lights and 20mph around the exit of the path from Fir Tree close to Faringdon Road for school start and finish times – agreed by OCC Highways and it is hoped these will be installed in 2023-24 financial year.
  • Crossroads warning signage and resurfacing of road at the Draycott Road/Hanney Road crossroads on Faringdon Road – agreed by OCC Highways, to be carried out in October half-term 2023.
  • An uncontrolled crossing (dropped kerbs and central refuge) at the eastern end of Faringdon Road (awaiting approval from OCC Highways).
  • Other measures being pursued are the long term option of an ANPR camera at Springhill (but this is currently unsupported by Thames Valley Police), and the installation of speed cushions, also at Springhill.