Accounts & Finance

Accounts & Finance

In order to be able to carry out its functions the parish council is funded through its precept, a portion of residents’ council tax.  Each year the council will draw up a budget in order to determine the level of precept.  As a local authority all the council’s accounts are open to public scrutiny, and below are links to the most recent audit documents (previous years are available from the documents menu).  The precept for 2023-24 is £105,557.  At its meeting on 8 January 2024 the council ratified its budget for 2024-25 and agreed a precept request of £111,538.  This represents an increase of 3.2% and a rise in cost to a Band D property of £1.89 p.a. (notes on the budget).  The council’s monthly spending and receipts are listed in the minutes of each meeting.

Community Infrastruture Levy (CIL) monies – statement 8 March 2024

Notice of the conclusion of external audit 2022-23

External auditor’s report 2022-23

Notice of public rights 2023

Annual governance statements 2023 (for external audit)

Annual accounting statement 2023 (for external audit)

Internal Audit Report 2022-23

Budget for 2023-24 as agreed at meeting of 9 January 2023

Notes to be read with budget 2023-24