Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor Parish Council

Replacement of play equipment at Fir Tree Close

The parish council is excited to finally be able to replace the Jubilee Fort which has been played on and enjoyed by thousands of children but is now sadly past its best.  We are also going to take this chance to replace the toddler multi-play with something a little more fun and introduce an inclusive basket swing and some other great little elements.  For teenagers we plan to install an open-sided shelter in the recreation ground and to move the table tennis table onto its own separate surface.

We’d love to hear from parents/carers of 4-12 year-olds on which of the two types of play equipment they think their children would find the most fun to replace the Jubilee Fort – have a look below and then click on the link to vote by 30 May.  Please note that these illustrations are to give you and idea and are not the final designs as the parish council has not yet selected a supplier.

The two options we are looking at are:  a multi-play castle which offers numerous different play elements or a pyramid climbing net with add-on features such as a slide, swing and climbing wall.  There are two pictures of each type of option shown below (don’t forget there will be other new equipment but this is the main feature we want you to consider).