Council Members

Committees: Planning, Burial Ground, Speeding Working Group (chairman), Remembrance Sunday

Responsibilities: KSB News liaison, member of Faringdon Neighbourhood Action Group

Brian Forster

I have lived in the Southmoor since 1979, having moved from what was then RAF Abingdon, now Dalton Barracks.  I am a retired aircraft maintenance engineer, having served in the Royal Air Force for 30 years, worldwide, including Singapore, Malaysia and Germany.  I am married with two sons and three grandsons.

I have been a parish councillor for over 15 years, serving as councillor, vice-chairman , and chairman during that period.  I was involved with the creation of the Millennium Green , of which I am a trustee, as well as the war memorial in the village.

My current interests now include gardening , travel, and photography.