Changes advised to 63 bus service

Message from OCC to parish councils:

From 8th May 2022 there will be changes to the route 63 bus service. 

Following the end of the current contract to operate route 63, the current operator, Pulhams, have advised that they no longer wish to continue to provide the service under a new contract.

To continue the service, a new contract has been put in place at short notice with a new operator, Thames Travel.  To enable this, it has been necessary to make some changes to the route and timetable.

Thames Travel will be combining the service with route 4C which is currently operated by Oxford Bus Company.  Most route 63 journeys will now also serve Dean Court as a result.  The route and times of the journeys via Matthew Arnold School are broadly unchanged, but most other journeys will run at new times. 

The new timetable is attached and further information is available from Thames Travel: Any feedback should be to OCC (not the parish council).