Annual Parish Meeting, 7pm Mon 23 May, Swallow Room, Village Hall

This event is a chance for you to meet your parish councillors, hear what the council has been doing on your behalf and to let them know what matters to you.  If you are a member of a local group and would like to represent its interests to the council or report on recent triumphs or tribulations this is your chance!  Anyone wishing speak should get in touch with Parish Clerk Sarah Bates on 07908 472827 or at


Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

Annual report from the Chairman of the Parish Council

Financial report from the clerk

Speakers/reports confirmed so far:

  • Suzanne Elliott, Headteacher, John Blandy Primary School
  • Alex Miller, Manager of the Co-Op, Abingdon Road – Alex would like to hear what you want from the Co-op and specifically the post office service offered there.
  • Guy Browning, Millennium Green Trust
  • Valery Rose, The Cedar Club
  • Kathryn Hall, Junior Park Run and Brownies
  • Sharon Cooper, SKB Gardening Club

Public participation – your chance to ask questions of the parish council and put forward ideas you would like to see considered for the community.